Indecent Machines
Sci-fi cybernetic sounds
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Indecent Machines is an industrial sci-fi sample collection of cybernetic machines featuring 1.7 gigabytes of 24-bit/96khz samples and bundled Kontakt kits. Inspired by a concept of mechanical disrepair, these sounds originated from field and studio recordings of various machines which were then processed through custom DSP algorithms using Kyma and other sound design tools. The result is a unique set of mutant robotics, mechanical snippets, evolving textures, rhythmic artifacts and menacing atmospheres appropriate for sound design and music projects of all kinds.
“Uncompromisingly broadband washes of white noise and digital glitches! Perfect for hard hitting music and trailers. These are not your cutsy friendly toy-type robots; they’re powerful, dangerous, and artificially intelligent indecent machines.”
– Carla Scaletti/Kurt Hebel (Symbolic Sound Kyma)
“An excellent collection of glitched out machine sounds for sci-fi productions.”
– Josh Hinden (Programmer, Software Designer, Sound Designer)
“What do you want me to say? It’s amazing.”
– Jimmy Edgar (Ultramagik, Hotflush, Warp)

Indecent Machines Sample Library

  • 1.73 GB
  • 347 24bit/96kHz .wav audio files
  • 5 Kontakt kits